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The rules of airfares

The rules that affect airline tickets are not equal, but vary according to airlines involved and the carrier to whom the tickets are issued. Being travel agency we cannot change these rules. For example at booking time the following rules apply to tickets to be issued:
  • minimum and maximum stay in the destination
  • return of the tickets (e.g. ticket is non-refundable; ticket can be refunded before departure if fee is paid, etc)
  • the conditions (e.g. ticket can not be changed, ticket can be changed for a fee, etc) to change the ticket (e.g. name, dates, etc)
  • if stopovers in transfer destinations are allowed or disallowed
  • fare rules for children
  • ticketing deadline - time allowed between booking and ticketing (it is important when you do not use banklink or credit card payment)
We attempt to display all ticket rules that may apply to the booking (based on the endorsement rules in booking messages), but this list may not be full and comprehensive. If not shown otherwise then please assume that cheap tickets:
  • are non-refundable
  • dates, routing, passenger names and service class cannot be changed (if if changes are allowed then the payment of fee and fare difference may be required)
Please be sure that you know ticket rules before payment and when in doubt please ask us first. With your payment you confirm that you accept ticket rules.

In addition to ticket rules it is important that other requirements for travelling are checked:
  • you have valid travel documents for destination and/or transfer countries (passport or inside European Union ID-card issued by member state)
  • you have valid visa for destination and/or transfer countries
  • you have other valid documents for destination and/or transfer countries (e.g. vaccination records)
  • you know entry conditions to destination and/or transfer countries (for example, but not limited to issued return tickets and funds for living)
If you have questions, please contract our customer services.